VR photography, or virtual reality photography, is the interactive viewing of wide-angle panoramic photographs, generally encompassing a 360-degree circle or a spherical view.

360 VR Photography…
Mount Utsayantha is located in Stamford New York. On top of the mountain is a restored Fire Tower open to public with sweeping views of the area around.

Mount Utsayantha…
Kaaterskill Clove is a deep gorge in New York’s eastern Catskill Mountains. Perhaps the most famous location in Kaaterskill Clove is Kaaterskill Falls, a 231-foot waterfall on Lake Creek.

Kaaterskill Clove…
‘Hike #3: Circuit of South Mountain’ is from the ‘Catskill Mountain House Trail Guide’ book.Circuit of South Mountain: 6/9/2012
In September of 2012 CatskillSearch walked on the proposed Kaaterskill Rail Trail.Kaaterskill Rail Trail: 9/9/2012
While taking photographs of Stamford I noticed Venus shining bright high in the sky.Queen of the Catskills: 5/12/2012
Some of my favorite images that I have taken of the Catskills.Favorite Photographs
In 1826 Thomas Cole painted a scene that was named “From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls”.From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls
A gallery of images from one of my favorite locations in the Catskills.Platte Clove



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