My father and I had a successful hike yesterday into Kaaterskill Falls where we were able to reach the top of the first tier of Kaaterskill Falls. Today we drove back to the Kaaterskill Falls area and parked in a different location where we could walk to the top of Kaaterskill Falls. There are many rock engravings found at and near the ledge of Kaaterskill Falls.

It was very bright and sunny on the top of the falls. The view was great. I was able to take several nice photos. We walked around the top area Kaaterskill Falls looking for the remains of the Laurel House. We were unable to find anything substantial however we did not know exactly to where to start. Our point of the reference is the well published image of the Laurel House with Kaaterskill Falls in the fore front.

We also walked about a mile on a trail that used to have railroad tracks. We came across several locations that were very steep and rugged where we found evidence of bridges and stone passes for the train and railroad.

Photos from the top of Kaaterskill Falls are below: