According to John M. Ham author of ‘Light Rail and Short Ties Through the Notch‘ on page 108- “This caboose is currently located at the end of Schutt Road in the Town of Hunter and is the only surviving piece of U & D equipment.”


We drove to the end of Schutt Road and then parked in the area allocated for motor vehicles and this was the caboose found at the end of road. (Historic Note: Peter Schutt was the original founder and builder of the Laurel House) On page 108 0f  ‘Light Rail and Short Ties Through the Notch‘ there is a terrific photo of this caboose that is dated from 1900. It is described in the book as:  ‘Side door caboose #631 was photographed at Kaaterskill in 1900.’

In the photograph from 1900 there are 5 men in front of the caboose. The caboose has 3 instances where ‘631’ is written and one instance where ‘Ulster & Delaware’ is written. Below are photos taken 110 years after this particular photo. In the newer photos below the caboose has been repainted because there is no current observations of 631 or Ulster & Delaware. The caboose is currently located on private lands with obvious NO POSTED signs. However it can easily be seen and photographed from Schutt Road.