Recently CatskillSearch walked and drove along the old Ulster & Delaware Railroad right-of-way (ROW) between the towns of Grand Gorge and Roxbury. Most of the ROW found between these towns is currently used as a snowmobile route. This section of the ROW has many signs for the snowmobiles including signs for food and gas. Most of the railroad ties have been removed from the ground except in a few places closest to Route 23. Railroad track is still on the ground between Hubbell Corners and Roxbury. The Ulster & Delaware Historic Society and Museum is located in the old Roxbury Railroad Station. The railroad tracks are still in-use by the Delaware & Ulster Railroad from Arkville to the Roxbury Museum Depot. The tracks then extend to Hubbell Corners and disappear just before the tracks cross current Route 30. It seems at this section that the last 20-40 feet of track may be under dirt and heavy growth.

The photo gallery encompasses two days of travel to this area. Day 1 photographs were taken with a small Fuji point and shoot camera. Day 2 photos were taken with a Nikon DSLR camera. Day 2 photos are in black and white.

The Photo Gallery below is one of the largest posted to date on CatskillSearch. Each photo below has it’s own page that showcases  a photo title and nearly all the photos have descriptions, details, and other pertain-it information posted for that particular photo.

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Please note that ROW = Right of WAY. ROW is referenced in many of the photo descriptions.