The section of the old Ulster & Delaware Railroad right-of-way (ROW) that CatskillSearch explored in regards to this Post is opposite the entrance of the Tannersville Bike Path. The newly developed Tannersville Bike Path starts at Clum Hill Road and ends to the west at Bloomer Road.

The Tannersville Bike Path is for riding and walking and it is open to the public. The Tannersville Bike Path offers to the public a 2.7 mile stretch of graded dirt path which is the old ROW of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad.

CatskillSearch traveled by car east on Cortina Valley Road and found an old railroad abutment over a small creek. The current wooden bridge is a very shaky and does not feel very steady as one walks across.  On the southside of the road is the Cortina Valley Ski Resort which appears to be out of business.

Further east on the road we explored an area which is now known as the Cortina Valley Estates as stated by a large posted sign as one enters the area. It appears in very recent times developers attempted to develop many plots/ parcels with large state of the art log cabins and homes. At this time there appears to be 2 to 3 model homes that were built and none of these homes appear to have any residents.

The two photos below show the current wooden bridge where the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad would have crossed. This obviously is not the original bridge:

The view beyond the wooden bridge looking at the Ulster and Delaware Railroad ROW:

Homes located in the developed area of Cortina Valley Estates. None of these homes appear to have a resident:

A large piece of equipment appears to be just left to rot and rust along the roadway:

The above piece of equipment probably was one of the vehicles that was used to build this roadway with a very large drainage ditch.

The Cortina Valley business’ sign at Route 23A and Clum Hill Road. Both the Resort and Hotel appear not to be in business at this current time.