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The Catskill Center offers each year to a selected number artists who have applied to their program a cabin that is located in the historic area of the Catskills where the first American school of landscape painting was initiated in 1825.  This is known as the The Hudson River School and it was a mid-19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism.  Many painters including Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, Thomas Doughty, Frederic Edwin Church and others searched the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain Region of New York for untainted wilderness. The paintings for which the movement is named depict the Hudson River Valley and the surrounding area, including the Catskill, Adirondack, and the White Mountains.

The Platte Clove cabin sits where mountain and valley meet, providing a tranquil and rustic workplace and retreat for artists working in a variety of disciplines in the living landscape where American art began. At  the Platte Clove Nature Preserve cabin artists can refine their artistry amidst the solitude and grandeur of nature on 208 acres of pristine wilderness with multi-tiered waterfalls (including Plattekill Falls) and old growth forest.

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