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Our trip started at the end of Scutt Road. We then walked along Spruce Creek for a bit and made our way to Layman’s Monument. From Layman’s Monument there was a small view between trees to observe Kaaterskill Clove and below us we could see the parking area for Kaaterskill Falls. See the Layman’s Monument post regarding this part of the trip.

We continued on the blue marked trail from Layman’s Monument and reached an unnamed lookout point. This view is along the blue marked trail. I took a panoramic photo of the landscape with my father situated in the far left of the photo. The sun was low in sky and it was difficult to get a good exposure and the panoramic photo does have some harsh sun flare. Several waterfalls can be seen in the distance from this particular spot. In the panoramic photo several houses are visible and these homeowners must have gorgeous view 365 days a year.

From the unnamed lookout we travel away from the mountain ledge.

From the blue blazed trail we then proceeded on a yellow marked trail. This trail took us to Sunset Rock and Inspiration Point. Robert Gildersleeve writes about these locations in detail in his book titled Catskill Mountain House- Trail Guide. This is a well written book by Robert Gildersleeve and I do recommend it.

The next few images posted are from Sunset Rock, Inspiration Point, and a location near to what was the former location of Inspiration Point. The Catskill Mountain House Trail Guide has a lot information and facts regarding these vista points.

Robert Gildersleeve writes on page 97 of the Catskill Mountain House Trail Guide:  “…the confusion over the name of this site inspired this book”. Robert Gildersleeve is referring to Inspiration Point.


The picture below shows my father standing at the location currently named Sunset Rock:

The picture below shows my father standing at the location currently named Inspiration Point:

The photo below is very near to former site that held the name of Inspiration Point. The bottom photo shows Route 23 running through Kaaterskill Clove as viewed from former Inspiration Point.

A map detailing our hike from Scutt Road to Layman Monument ending at Inspiration Point: