Sphinx Rock stands guard over the upper clove above Molly Smith’s parking area. (Catskill Mountain House Trail Guide) The parking area which is used for Kaaterskill Falls can be seen from Sphinx Rock along with Route 23A. While on our trip we heard a dog barking and cars when we emerged from the quiet woods to where Sphinx Rock stands. We traversed the abandon railroads of the Catskill and Tannersville Railway and the Ulster and Delaware Railroad; then found an old carriage road to get to Sphinx Rock.

Nearby to Sphinx Rock is a beautiful view of the upper section of Kaaterskill Falls. On our way to Sphinx Rock we located what we believe to be Prospect Rock seeing both the upper and lower sections of Kaaterskill Falls. However tree growth at Prospect Rock made the view obstructed.

The photo gallery below shows Sphinx Rock, the view from Sphinx Rock, Kaaterskill Falls, and images from the Ulster and Delaware Railroad ROW.