The starting point was the parking area near North Lake for the former site of the Catskill Mountain House. Signed in at the trail register just beyond the Catskill Mountain House location. First destination was the former site of the Hotel Kaaterskill. A quick loop around and then headed out to Inspiration Point and Sunset Rock. Backtracked a bit on the trail and hiked down to Palenville Overlook from an older unmaintained trail. Then hiked back to the car passing the location of the former Otis Elevating Railway. Total hiking trip according the Garmin was 7.8 miles.

As I leaving the North Lake South Lake area I quickly stopped at the former Haines Falls Railroad Station to take a picture. The MTHS is currently in progress of placing a section of railroad tracks near to the station to show what it looked like in the past. Read more about this on their blog:

Previous CatskillSearch Trips to these places:
Hotel Kaaterskill
Inspiration Point and Sunset Rock

The GPS tracklog below shows the route back from Palenville Overlook. The hike from Palenville Overlook to the parking lot is approximately 1.9 miles.

Palenville-Overlook-GPX [gpxelevation=show; gpxelevationcolor=green]