On this day I traveled first to Platte Clove and the area known as Devils Kitchen. I then took the quick trip down to Plattekill Falls and took many photographs. The sun was bright and it seemed abnormally warmer than usual. Water-flow through the Platte Clove creeks was slow and many of the seasonal creeks that do flow strong during this time of year was non-existent. Hells Hole Creek water flow was weak. Afterwards I traveled to the top of Kaaterskill Falls. I descended quickly to the upper ledge of the falls. I waited a bit for a better cloud cover and for the sun to set.

Photograph Information: This was photographed with 2 photographs with each one having different exposures. Each exposure was changed between the setting sun/ clouds and the inner rock area under Kaaterskill Falls. Then each exposure was combined to form the dynamic range. This composition attempted to follow the Thomas Cole painting that is named “Kaaterskill Falls”.

I will name this photograph “Under Kaaterskill Falls”. A few months back I also took a photograph to resemble another Thomas Cole Painting entitled “From the top of Kaaterskill Falls”