Photos of the Art Flick Memorial found along Route 23A and the Schoharie Creek.

The Art Flick Memorial reads as follows:


Aug. 3, 1904 – Aug. 30, 1985


Art loved the Schohaire. Here he helped establish the first “Fish-For-Fun” area in New York State and secured many miles of public fishing rights. Here he conducted the research for his Streamside Guide to Naturals and their Imiitations, which introduced generations of fly fisherman to the joys of imitating trout-stream insects. Here we honor a great but humble man who was a source of good will and inspiration to us all.

Place in 1986 By-

The Catskill Mountains Chapter

of Trout Unlimited and Friends

Photograph of the Schohaire Creek below was taken near the Art Flick Memorial.

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