The former Ulster and Delaware Railroad crossed Charlotte Creek at two different locations with two different bridges. The two bridges that crossed Charlotte Creek were approximately 4 miles apart. The first bridge still stands. The other does not.

A large bridge stands at the first crossing of Charlotte Creek through much of its footing and abutment has washed away. The Mile Post is 100.28. The Mile Post or MP means the bridge is located 100.28 miles from the starting point of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad. The starting point for the former railroad is Kingston Point with the ending point being Oneonta. The former railroad station for Oneonta is currently used as a restaurant named ‘The Depot’.

At the Ulster and Delaware Railroad where it crossed for a second time over Charlotte Creek the bridge no longer remains but its footings/ abutments are still present under heavy brush and growth (Mile Post 104.36).  The bridge that once crossed here was formerly named Mickle Bridge.

The photos below of the Davernport Center Railroad Station were taken on a previous visit to the area in 2010 ( The former railroad station of Davernport Center is currently used as a private residence. A pedestrian crossover that may also have been used as a signal bridge still stands near the former location of the Davenport Center Railroad Station.

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