A washout of a former bridge of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad along the Stony Clove Branch occurred during Hurricane Irene. The destruction was near the town of Chichester (south of Lanesville) and the bridge crossed Stony Clove Creek. The bridge was currently in use as a private driveway. According to John Ham in his book ‘Light Rail and Short Tie Through the Notch’ on page 275 this was “the last remaining structure on the Stony Clove Branch”.

The photographs below are from Edgewood where the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad ran. Along with a Railroad Station there was a hotel named the Notch Inn. The Notch Inn was across the Stony Clove Creek from where the Railroad Station use to be. There was a bridge and the railroad passed over Notch Inn Road that then passed over a stream. The stone abutments for the bridge still stand. Basically the railroad was on top, the road in the middle, and the stream on the bottom. (Mountain Railroads of New York State Volume 4 by Kudish page 1089)