Several years ago I looked at maps on paper and maps in digital format of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad that once ran through the Catskills. The Ulster and Delaware Railroad has long since shut down its operations between the New York State cities of Kingston and Oneonta. One of the former specific locations I wished to explore was Lasher Road where the former railroad crossed over. Lasher Road is near to the Esopus Creek and from the maps appeared to be a narrow road that had very circular curves. There is also a Lasher Road located in nearby Woodstock. Lasher Road located in Big Indian, NY where the Ulster and Delaware Road crossed is easy to drive too. However each time I traveled to the location it rained. And on this occasion it rained as well. In fact I drove through a very heavy rain through Arkville to get to Lasher Road.

Luckily this time there was a brief break in the rain. The brush around this area was extremely wet so I just brought my cell phone to take pictures as I could keep it dry in my pocket if needed. I left the Nikon DSLR in the car.

The abutments for the crossing of the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad over Lasher Road still stand and make the road very narrow in this area. A short walk from the roadway to Esopus Creek shows the current destruction of the bridge once used by the railroad. A  lot of the current damage was probably caused by Hurricane Irene. The photo from atop of one of the abutments shows how narrow it is for vehicular traffic and how Lasher Road curves through this area as I saw on the map.

As far as the photographs I am very pleased with the results considering they are from a phone.

Also just up the road from this location is Lost Clove Road. An interesting name that I would like to learn more about.

Below are random photographs of the abandoned right of way for the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad: