The Platte Clove Foot Bridge that crossed over Plattekill Creek has been replaced and reopened. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and its volunteers did a wonderful job with rebuilding a new bridge.

Much more detailed information can be be found at their website and this link:

The location of the bridge and its abutments once supported a wider span that carried horse-pulled carriages over the creek (Source: NYNJTC). A photo of a informative sign that is located near the bridge is below and details the history of the bridges.

Around 2005 a sign was located on the previous Bridge. The original quote/ saying on the sign did seem derogatory towards America. Somebody than wrote over the sign replacing some of the words. The edited sign then read: “This bridge is dedicated to all those people who have suffered from violence and persecution. God Bless the Whole World.” It was unclear at the time who placed the original sign and who then wrote over it. The sign did not last much longer after the picture posted below was taken. Rightfully so it was taken down.

Here is a link for a 360 image taken just below the former foot bridge in 2007:

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference website:

Many terrific photos of the bridge as it was being built is located on the Trail Conference Facebook page.