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Charles is the creator of and this website details his Catskill Region photography. CatskillSearch contains photos, helpful web links, and news pertaining specifically to the Catskill Region of New York State.
Oct 27th 2014 Monday

Plattekill Falls

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Plattekill Falls October 27, 2014- Photos taken on both sides of the falls.   Two news signs placed in 2014 pointing to Platte Clove/ Platt Clove. One is along Route 23A and the other is along Bloomer Road/ Platte Clove Road (County Route 16). The Catskill Park brow [...]

May 12th 2014 Monday

Vroman’s Nose

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Vroman's Nose Trail is located in the town of Fulton and is a terrific short hike offering a vast landscape view of the valley below. iPhone Panorama Photos Great view from Vroman's Nose trail taken with the iPhone panorama mode. The hiking trail can be seen at both ends of [...]

May 11th 2014 Sunday

Moon over Mount Utsayantha

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An unexpected beautiful sight of the moon rising over Mount Utsayantha during daylight hours as I drive east through Stamford along Route 23. Below I posted a horizontal and vertical image. Below are two other photographs from the past that include celestial objects and Mo [...]

May 9th 2014 Friday

Thomas Cole- Cedar Grove

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Cedar Grove is the former home of Thomas Cole who lived from 1801-1848 and was the founder of the Hudson River School.The site provided Thomas Cole with a residence and studio from 1833 through his death in 1848. Cedar Grove was declared a National Historic Site in 1999. B [...]

Sep 11th 2013 Wednesday

Tribute in Light 2013

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Photographs of the Tribute in Light 2013. The Tribute in Light shining over NYC on the night of September 10, 2013. View a video of past photos of the Tribute in Light: [...]

Aug 18th 2013 Sunday

New Images

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Adding photos from May and June. Just posted images from May of Kaaterskill Falls. Also posted images of Platte Clove and the new foot bridge that was just replaced. Go to Gallery and review for new posts and photographs. Also added images to posts from 2005 after revisits t [...]

Aug 2nd 2013 Friday

Nissen Bridge

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Nissen Bridge was built in 1895 and it crossed the Esopus Creek in Boiceville, NY. 1 The bridge was washed away like other bridges in the area during the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011. Many of those bridges destroyed by Hurricane Irene were still in use by the p [...]