Plattekill Falls

Plattekill Falls October 27, 2014- Photos taken on both sides of the falls.


Two news signs placed in 2014 pointing to Platte Clove/ Platt Clove. One is along Route 23A and the other is along Bloomer Road/ Platte Clove Road (County Route 16). The Catskill Park brown sign along Route 23A points to ‘Platt Clove’ The green sign along Bloomer Road/ Platte Clove Road points to ‘Platte Clove’. One sign utilizes the ‘e’ at the end, one does not.

Kaaterskill Falls/ Art Flick Memorial at Night

The photograph below is an image I took from the top of Kaaterskill Falls: The Art Flick Memorial found along Route 23A photographed during a near full Moon just after 11PM on May 13th, 2014. I was traveling back from Kaaterskill Falls by car on this cloudless night sky that shined a rising near full Moon with stars over the Schoharie Creek near to the Art Flick Memorial. The stars and planets were bright in the sky as I walked to the Schohaire Creek from the Art Flick Memorial. I was disappointed in the Moon at Kaaterskill Falls. Its angle onto Kaaterskill Clove was not high enough to shine into the clove for full light onto Kaaterskill Falls for a well exposed even photograph. I waited a few hours at the top of Kaaterskill Falls but to no avail. I decided to travel back to my bed. While I was disappointed in the outcome of my photography. I was very encumbered by the sites and scene. I was glad to be here at this time.

I posted those photos on June 2nd 2014 and I am still amazed by the brightness and clarity of the images taken about 15 minutes after 11PM.

A keen website visitor sent a contact message to myself stating I mis-positioned the location of the Art Flick Memorial on a previous post. They were absolutely right. The Art Flick Memorial is found along Route 23A. Not Route 23 as I erroneous posted- I forget to type the A after 23.

However they stated a viewer of my website would never find the Art Flick Memorial. If you viewed this website and could not find the Art Flick Memorial then look again. The search is about you. The search is about the beauty. You did not search hard enough.

I have updated the exact location on that photography page. On this particular night it was not about the photography… it was not about the fishing. It was not about the bug spray needed regarding the mosquitoes for either of the mentioned ventures. It was the view east and the view west along Schohaire Creek.
For Art Flick on a night like tonight it was about the cast of the line. For me on the night like tonight it was push of a button.

Vroman’s Nose

Vroman’s Nose Trail is located in the town of Fulton and is a terrific short hike offering a vast landscape view of the valley below.

iPhone Panorama Photos

Great view from Vroman’s Nose trail taken with the iPhone panorama mode. The hiking trail can be seen at both ends of the panoramic photo. The trail follows the ledge for about a ¼ mile.

Nikon DSLR Photos


Moon over Mount Utsayantha

An unexpected beautiful sight of the moon rising over Mount Utsayantha during daylight hours as I drive east through Stamford along Route 23.

Below I posted a horizontal and vertical image.

Below are two other photographs from the past that include celestial objects and Mount Utsayantha:

Another favorite image of mine of the moon rising over the Mount Utsayantha from a location in Harpersfield:

Rise of the moon over Mount Utsayantha
Rise of the moon over Mount Utsayantha

A photograph from Mount Utsayantha as Venus sets over Stamford:

Venus sets over Stamford
Venus sets over Stamford

U &D Railroad- South Gilboa Railroad Station

Photographs of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad Station that covered South Gilboa, New York. Both the railroad and the station are abandoned.  The station was abandoned in 1954.

Below are 4 other former Ulster and Delaware Railroad Stations. Each in use for various reasons. Stamford is used by several revitalization organizations and completely restored. Oneonta is a restaurant named The ‘Depot’. Hunter and East Meredith are private homes.

Thomas Cole- Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove is the former home of Thomas Cole who lived from 1801-1848 and was the founder of the Hudson River School.The site provided Thomas Cole with a residence and studio from 1833 through his death in 1848. Cedar Grove was declared a National Historic Site in 1999.

Below are photographs of mine inspired by Thomas Cole paintings and other artists of the Hudson River School.

Tribute in Light 2013

Photographs of the Tribute in Light 2013.

The Tribute in Light shining over NYC on the night of September 10, 2013.

View a video of past photos of the Tribute in Light:

New Images

Adding photos from May and June. Just posted images from May of Kaaterskill Falls. Also posted images of Platte Clove and the new foot bridge that was just replaced. Go to Gallery and review for new posts and photographs. Also added images to posts from 2005 after revisits to location in 2013.

Below are some new images added to CatskillSearch. A few from 2005. Go to main page and view the right menu “Updates and Additions” for noteworthy updates.

Miscellaneous Snaps (with Cell Phone)

Miscellaneous photos taken with the iPhone cell phone from various locations and dates in 2013 prior to August 15. Some photos are snaps in point and shoot mode. Other photos were taken in HDR and Panorama Mode.

Platte Clove Foot Bridge over Plattekill Creek

The Platte Clove Foot Bridge that crossed over Plattekill Creek has been replaced and reopened. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and its volunteers did a wonderful job with rebuilding a new bridge.

Much more detailed information can be be found at their website and this link:

The location of the bridge and its abutments once supported a wider span that carried horse-pulled carriages over the creek (Source: NYNJTC). A photo of a informative sign that is located near the bridge is below and details the history of the bridges.

Around 2005 a sign was located on the previous Bridge. The original quote/ saying on the sign did seem derogatory towards America. Somebody than wrote over the sign replacing some of the words. The edited sign then read: “This bridge is dedicated to all those people who have suffered from violence and persecution. God Bless the Whole World.” It was unclear at the time who placed the original sign and who then wrote over it. The sign did not last much longer after the picture posted below was taken. Rightfully so it was taken down.

Here is a link for a 360 image taken just below the former foot bridge in 2007:

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference website:

Many terrific photos of the bridge as it was being built is located on the Trail Conference Facebook page.

Nissen Bridge

Nissen Bridge was built in 1895 and it crossed the Esopus Creek in Boiceville, NY. 1 The bridge was washed away like other bridges in the area during the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011. Many of those bridges destroyed by Hurricane Irene were still in use by the public. Nissen Bridge while still erect was closed to all forms of transportation when it was literally taken away by the flood of Hurricane Irene.

The picture below shows the current imagery where Nissen Bridge formerly crossed over the Esopus Creek at Nissen Road near to Route 28. In the other photo as one can observe the GPS device needs to be updated. Thankfully there is a guard rail blocking one from driving their car from Nissen Road into the Esopus Creek. A car probably does not float as well as a tube rented from the Town Tinker Tube Rental.

At this time it is unknown to the photographer exactly when Nissen Bridge was officially closed to all traffic prior to its demised by Hurricane Irene. It was closed to the public well before the floods of Hurricane Irene devastated many parts of the Catskills. The roadway that can be seen in the photograph on the other side of the creek is called Nissen Lane. The photograph was taken from Nissen Road near to Route 28.

The Red Cross and the Salvation Army perform wonders for so many people for so many reasons. Please donate to either cause or any cause that helped people affected by Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Rebuilding is still taking place today.

Former Nissen Bridge

This website also posts a lot about the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad that formerly ran through the Catskills. For the “railroad people” the checkered line on the GPS photo is the former ROW (right of way) of that railroad. Former Cold Brook Station of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad is located near to Nissen Lane that is found on the other side of the creek. Wikipedia- Cold Brook Station. CatskillSearch. / CatskillSearch 2010 Photograph of Cold Brook Station

The best way to cross the Esopus Creek to see the former Cold Brook Station from this location is to drive just a further south on Route 28 and make a right on New York City Road. Then make the first right onto Cold Brook Road.

Nissen Bridge

Below is photo taken of Nissen Bridge in 2010. View original post from 2010.

Nissen Bridge

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene it is unclear what exactly happen to Nissen Bridge. In the case of Bush Bridge that spanned the Schohaire Creek it was clear according to Google Maps. Bush Bridge was knocked off its abutments and its metal frame laid to rest nearby on the banks of the Schohaire Creek.

View CatskillSearch post from 5/20/2012.

Bush Road Bridge/ Schoharie Creek