A photograph analysis and comparison of similar photos taken at the same location many years apart of Stamford NY.

Main Street/ Route 23 (Stamford NY)
The left photo was taken in 2010 by CatskillSearch. The right photo in 1950 (circa). The ‘Diner’ location as photographed in the 1950s was later called Leo’s (diner) and was  a very popular spot in early 1990s. The bakery that was photographed in the 1950s was also a deli and coffee local in the first decade of the 21 first century (which is over 50 years later). As of 2010 the diner and the bakery are no longer in business. The diner that was open for many years is now a real estate office with many offerings throughout the area. The bakery that still holds the same arm-bar for a sign is currently for sale and not in business. There is a motel that now stands between the two buildings which currently appears to be out of business. The newer photo has 11 trees gone. Alot more trees aligned Main Street/ Route 23 in the 1950s.

Main Street/ Route 23 (Stamford NY)
The left photo was taken in 2010 by CatskillSearch. The right photo was taken by Bob Wyer around the years of 1963/1964. Bob Wyer’s image was used on a postcard. It was scanned by CatskillSearch for reference/historic purposes. The amazing similarity between the photos are the 3 cars parked on the left and the car heading towards the photograph. It is very similar without purpose intent by CatskillSearch. The first object that is noticeably the  same in both photos is the fire hydrant.  The door on the far left bottom has changed but it appears there still is a light above each door. The trees have significantly changed along the roadway. There is no longer a tree by the fire hydrant and 2 trees have been added where the 3 cars are parked. Main Street is currently lined with double yellow as opposed to a single white line.

The Eagles Nest (Stamford, NY)
The Eagles Nest is the former home of Ned Buntline. The New York Times on June 8, 1902 (Sunday) wrote a fine article covering many of Stamford’s hotels of that day.

In the article The Times wrote: Eagles Nest is a spacious cottage ten minutes from the depot, with fine shade, and vegetables from the farm of the manager.
Link:  http://query.nytimes.com (PDF) and main page of the article http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html

There are several notable differences between the photographs. In the newer photo the porch has been enlarged to cover more of the front of the house. A door has been added where there was a window on the sunroom type addition. There is currently no stonewall along the roadway and no appearance of a driveway.

John Munroe Boot & Shoe Maker (Stamford, NY)
In the former picture there are two commercial signs advertising the Munroe business of shoe making.

The Belvedere (Stamford NY)
The Belvedere is open and located on 10 Academy Street Stamford NY. From the Belvedere website: “The Belvedere was dormant for many years until 1967 when the Gibbons family purchased the hotel. Now with a continuous program of renovations and updates, the Belvedere Country Inn; Restaurant offers country inn hospitality, ambiance and that ‘welcome home again’ friendship and camaraderie of a by gone era.”

Mountain View House (Stamford NY)
The Mountain View House is currently for sale. The older picture of the Mountain View House could not replicated because of the current vegetation growth regarding the angle of the photo. The building has obviously been in use during recent times because of the satellite dishes that are located on the building. Information from ‘A Post Card Portrait’: “Its higher elevation gave its guests a beautiful view of Mt Utsayantha and the Delaware Valley. It was close to all stores, churches and amusements, but yet, far enough away from the business section of the village, to assure the guests a quiet rest.”

Cottage Hotel (Stamford NY)
The Cottage Hotel opened in 1892.The original photo is currently of an unknown date. The newer photo shows more of the roadway that expands to the east (right side). The houses on the east side of the road appear to be newer than the Cottage House and the Mountain View House (the weather vane can be seen) . In the newer photo the power lines are on the opposite side.

Cold Spring Apartments (Stamford NY)
The left photo was taken in 2010 by CatskillSearch. The right photo was taken by Bob Wyer probably around the years of 1953/1954. The right image was used on a postcard. It was scanned by CatskillSearch for reference/historic purposes. The most notable changes  is the lack of the wrap-around-porch, the window shutters, and the trees in front of the building. A restricted parking parking sign has been added along with a street lamp on the roadway. The building in 2010 has a sign in front that states ‘Cold Spring Apartments’. When Bob Wyer took his photo it was named ‘Cold Spring Farm Inn’.

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