Photos and posts from 2006

Nov 20th 2006 Monday

Schalk’s Falls to Devils Kitchen

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Schalk's Falls is a roadside waterfall and these photos were taken from the bridge that crosses the waterway of Plattekill Creek. Houses (Private Property) are on both sides of Schalk's Falls. The height of Schalk's Falls is 17 feet and it is located at GPS coordinates: 42.1 [...]

Jul 17th 2006 Monday

RC Plane

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The image below is a multiplicity photograph of an hand launch of an electric RC Plane. The photo below was taken in 2006. Other similar multiplicity photos of a RC Plane. [...]

Jul 15th 2006 Saturday

Mount Utsayantha

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Photographs from Mount Utsayantha from July 16, 2006. A new light was placed on the building that is located on top of Mount Utsayantha. Photographs of the sunset from Mount Utsayantha taken over a couple of hours on July 15, 2006. [...]

May 22nd 2006 Monday


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May 22, 2006- On this day Sparky chased a bull across our field into the next. A bull broke loose from a local farm and the bull traveled onto our land to graze without our knowledge. When I walked out from the front door of my home and walked into the field unknowingly,  [...]