Photos and posts from 2007

Oct 25th 2007 Thursday

“Save Our Mountains”

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"So on the road from Grand Gorge to Stamford you see the yard signs popping up in front of barns and houses — “Yes to Clean Energy” on some, “No Industrial Wind Turbines” or “Save Our Mountains” on others." -New York Times 10/28/2007 On an Upstate Wind Turbine Project, Opi [...]

Aug 15th 2007 Wednesday


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In 2007 a lot more "No Parking" signs popped up in the Red Falls area near Prattsville. This was a local swimming hole that brought people from all over. Currently because of the restrictions this area receives less visitation by the public. Below are images from 2005 when [...]

Jul 28th 2007 Saturday


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There are certain views across the Catskills that are breath taking. As I drive by things I always say that would be a great image. But I am driving by at 55mph... sometimes a little slower sometimes a little faster. But do I have time to stop and focus and bracket and corre [...]

Jul 26th 2007 Thursday

Blenheim- Old Bridge and New Bridge

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Photos from the creek bed of the Schohaire showing the Old Blenheim Bridge and the new bridge. Updated 2015: Blenheim Bridge was a wooden covered bridge that spanned Schoharie Creek in North Blenheim, New York. With an open span of 210 feet, it had the longest span of any [...]

Jul 26th 2007 Thursday

Creamery Falls

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On my way to the Blenheim Covered Bridge I stopped and revisited the spot where I have taken one of my favorite Catskill Region waterfall photo. The waterfall is Creamery Falls and it is located in Blenheim, New York. The water-flow of Creamery Falls and it's creek at this t [...]

Jun 28th 2007 Thursday

Platte Clove Memorial and Ledge

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A short walk from the Devils Kitchen parking area brings you to the steep ravine of Platte Clove. Many people have perished and have fallen to their demise in this area of Platte Clove. The photo below shows a Platte Clove waterfall which is taller than Plattekill Falls. Pla [...]

Jun 27th 2007 Wednesday

Art Flick Memorial

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ART FLICK Aug. 3, 1904 - Aug. 30, 1985 DEDICATED CONSERVATIONIST AND SPORTSMAN Art loved the Schohaire. Here he helped establish the first "Fish-For-Fun" area in New York State and secured many miles of public fishing rights. Here he conducted the research for his Streamside [...]