Photos and posts from 2010

Dec 31st 2010 Friday

Trip Report 2010

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Highlighted photographs and blog posts from 2010: 1. Watauga Falls is nestled within a beautiful ravine in Delaware County. 2. The famed Kaaterskill Falls and the roadside waterfall Bastion Falls is always great for photos especially when Spruce Creek is at strong flow. I [...]

Nov 10th 2010 Wednesday

Platte Clove Road Signs

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Please see this link for more infomation regarding Platte Clove http://www.catskillsearch.com/site/2011/11/02/platte-clove-road-plaat-clove-ny/ The road signs at top of Platte Clove Road have again changed. Below are several photos taken at night. The first 3 photos were tak [...]

Nov 10th 2010 Wednesday

Delaware Inn

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Photo of the ongoing remodeling of the Delaware Inn (originally known as the Delaware House and the Ye Olde Delaware Inn). The Delaware Inn is located in Stamford NY on the northside of Main Street (Route 23). The Delaware Inn was built in 1804 and one of the most notable gu [...]

Nov 8th 2010 Monday

Lucy 2010 (in the snow and in kitchen)

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Photos of Lucy in the snow and then later in the kitchen. Miko is a neighbors dog and this was the first meeting between Miko and Lucy. Lucy is a pup and far smaller than Miko. Miko is much older and has been over to our residence many times prior with dog no present. As see [...]

Oct 10th 2010 Sunday

October Weather

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Comparison of afternoon and very early morning photos which help show the current change in temperature. On October 10,  2010 there was a 40 degree difference between high and low temperatures. At 2:28pm it about 70 degrees and at 2:04am it was about 30 degrees. [...]

Oct 9th 2010 Saturday

Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower View 360 (Fall Season)

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This 360 VR image was taken from the Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower located in Stamford, NY. The image was taken in October 2010 during the Fall season when the leaves change color. CatskillSearch took a similar VR image in July 2008. (Link: Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower View [...]

Sep 18th 2010 Saturday

Platte Clove Artist-in-Residence Cabin

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Article Source: Wikipedia.org and CatskillCenter.org: The Catskill Center offers each year to a selected number artists who have applied to their program a cabin that is located in the historic area of the Catskills where the first American school of landscape painting was [...]

Sep 16th 2010 Thursday

Clum Hill Road and Cortina Valley Road

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The section of the old Ulster & Delaware Railroad right-of-way (ROW) that CatskillSearch explored in regards to this Post is opposite the entrance of the Tannersville Bike Path. The newly developed Tannersville Bike Path starts at Clum Hill Road and ends to the west at B [...]