Sep 11th 2013 Wednesday

Tribute in Light 2013

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Photographs of the Tribute in Light 2013. The Tribute in Light shining over NYC on the night of September 10, 2013. View a video of past photos of the Tribute in Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vmi4C_dnw8 [...]

Aug 2nd 2013 Friday

Nissen Bridge

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Nissen Bridge was built in 1895 and it crossed the Esopus Creek in Boiceville, NY. 1 The bridge was washed away like other bridges in the area during the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011. Many of those bridges destroyed by Hurricane Irene were still in use by the p [...]

Aug 2nd 2013 Friday

Lasher Road

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Several years ago I looked at maps on paper and maps in digital format of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad that once ran through the Catskills. The Ulster and Delaware Railroad has long since shut down its operations between the New York State cities of Kingston and Oneonta. [...]

May 14th 2013 Tuesday

Red Falls

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Red Falls used to be a highly trafficked swimming area for people. It was known as a swimming hole. In recent years with the enforcement of very restrictive parking and no trespassing signs Red Falls hosts far less people. It is located along Route 23 on the Batavia Kill nea [...]

May 6th 2013 Monday

Ski Bowl Lodge Hunter NY

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Ski Bowl Lodge located in Hunter NY has recently been demolished. The photos of Ski Bowl Lodge showing it knocked down were taken with a cell phone using the panorama mode. A previous post from last year while it still stood: http://www.catskillsearch.com/site/2012/06/03/hun [...]