Devils Kitchen

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Devil’s Kitchen is an awesome gulf with precipitous walls and boulders of monstrous size that delves into Platte Clove beginning at the point where Platte Clove Mountain crosses over Hell’s Hole Creek. (Catskill Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn)

Oct 8th 2012 Monday

Platte Clove

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Photographs taken on October 7th and 8th from the Platte Clove area. The road sign (that has been mentioned prior) has recently received vandalism. Fall foliage is near its peak. This photo gallery shows several locations: A local swimming area found below Platte Clove alo [...]

Sep 12th 2012 Wednesday

Tree North of the Stone Bridge

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A crooked growing tree located north of the Devils Kitchen stone bridge that crosses Hells Hole Creek. It was dark in the woods and these photos were taken with long exposure times. I would like to revisit in better light.   A few other photos of odd relationships of [...]

Jul 23rd 2009 Thursday

Devils Kitchen

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Devils Kitchen is great spot especially after a lot of rain. The water runs strong and everything is green. The top photo is my father standing on top of a Devils Kitchen boulder. The middle photo shows the path down into the depths of Platte Clove. And the third is favorite [...]

May 31st 2009 Sunday

Devils Kitchen

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The top 2 photos of my father help show the size of the boulders and steepness of the mountain side in Devils Kitchen. The third photo shows the Devils Kitchen 100 year old bridge with the waterfall found underneath.   [...]