Hunter 9/11 Memorial

Two steel towers from the World Trade Center with an American flag flying above with a bronze plaque has been built in Dolan’s Lake Park located along the entrance road to Hunter Mountain.
Note: If anyone knows of any other 9/11 memorials in the Catskill area please let us know either by posting a message below or contacting us privately through the links on top of page.
Update June 14, 2012:
On June 6 at around 6:45 I returned back to the Hunter 9/11 Memorial. This time the sky had a backdrop of clouds as it was scatted thunder showers all-day.
The top photo has dark clouds as compared to the previously photos that were taken on very bright sunny cloudless day.

The New York City photos are from the 2010 and 2011 Tribute in Light. The Tribute in Light is an installation of 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the World Trade Center to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of the September 11 attacks.

ESPN: Hunter Mountain 9/11 Memorial

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

I reached the top of Hunter Mountain from the Becker Hollow Trailhead. Unlike the restored Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower the top of the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower is not completely open. One can climb the Firetower stairs but just before one would enter the top room of the firetower it is locked and closed.

Becker Hollow Trail (Hunter Mountain)

The Becker Hollow Trail can be difficult at several areas. It is a steep ascent to the summit of Hunter Mountain where the Hunter Mountain Fire Tower is located from Becker Hollow. The parking area is located on Route 214. The rocks on the Becker Hollow Trail are arranged like stairs towards the end of the trail towards the top of Hunter Mountain. The first part of Becker Hollow is relatively easy and getting to the footbridge as seen in the the photo gallery where there is a creek and some minor cascades is very easy. The alternative route to the top of Hunter Mountain is Spruceton Trail and that is much easier in my opinion. It also is longer.

The firetower located  at the top of Hunter Mountain was closed and locked during the visit.  One can climb the stairs of the Hunter Mountain Firetower but can not enter the upper room of the firetower.

Becker Hollow Trail

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

Info about the Becker Hollow Trail thats leads to the top of Hunter Mountain

The information below about Becker Hollow Trail is from the Catskill Mountain Guide by Peter Kick.

The northern most trailhead along 214 traverses Becker Hollow. This is the shortest route to Hunter summit (2.3 miles), however Becker Hollow is also the steepest. This blue-blazed trail joins a yellow-blazed spur trail just prior to the summit.
The Becker Hollow trail passes a solitary, ruined stone archway at the entrance to the Becker property, crosses open fields, and enters a hemlock woods. It then spans a footbridge. Ahead, off a short, unmarked path to the left (southeast) is an interesting, small concrete dam across Becker Hollow Brook. (Catskill Mountain Guide by Peter Kick)

Becker Hollow Trail (Milage):

to Hunter Mountain (Mtn) Trail and lookouts: 2.05 mi

to Hunter Summit via Hunter Mountain Trail: 2.3 mi

At the Becker Hollow Trailhead along Route 214 is a stone archway as seen in the above photos.

Becker Hollow Trail – Blue Markers
0.00- Start of trail on Stony Clove Road (NY 214), 1 mile north of Devil’s Tombstone Campground.

1.90- Junction with cutoff trail to spring (250′) and Hunter Mtn Fire Tower (.5 mile).

2.05- Trail junction. Trail (Yellow markers) straight ahead leads to lookout over West Kill valley. Trail (Yellow markers) to the left leads to Devil’s Path, Devil’s Tombstone Campground, and Spruceton. Right on Blue marked trail to Hunter Mtn Fire Tower.

2.40- Trail passes over summit before entering the clearing with the fire tower. Excellent views from tower. Junction with Spruceton trail.

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Photos from the Spruceton Trail located in the Catskills. The Spruceton Trail even through longer than the Becker Hollow trail is an easier route to the peak of Hunter Mountain and the Fire Tower located on top.
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