Kaaterskill Falls

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Kaaterskill Falls is the highest two-tiered waterfall in New York state. The trail to Kaaterskill Falls is located on NYS route 23A, near Palenville and Haines Falls.

May 13th 2014 Tuesday

Kaaterskill Falls/ Art Flick Memorial at Night

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The photograph below is an image I took from the top of Kaaterskill Falls: The Art Flick Memorial found along Route 23A photographed during a near full Moon just after 11PM on May 13th, 2014. I was traveling back from Kaaterskill Falls by car on this cloudless night sky [...]

May 10th 2014 Saturday

Kaaterskill Falls and Bastion Falls

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Jul 24th 2013 Wednesday

Kaaterskill Falls

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2013- Heavy waterflow at Kaaterskill Falls. It was difficult to to get close to falls without heavy mist getting on the camera and lens. [...]

May 10th 2013 Friday

Kaaterskill Falls in early May

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Photographs are from May 9 and 10 of Kaaterskill Falls. Scroll down below the photographs to view a minute long video from under Kaaterskill Falls. The video is below. It is a simple video containing just 1 shot from under Kaaterskill Falls. I have posted many images inclu [...]

Sep 14th 2012 Friday

Under Kaaterskill Falls

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On this day I traveled first to Platte Clove and the area known as Devils Kitchen. I then took the quick trip down to Plattekill Falls and took many photographs. The sun was bright and it seemed abnormally warmer than usual. Water-flow through the Platte Clove creeks was slo [...]

Sep 9th 2012 Sunday

Under Kaaterskill Falls 360

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Sep 9th 2012 Sunday

Kaaterskill Falls

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Jun 12th 2012 Tuesday

From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls

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In 1826 Thomas Cole painted a scene that was named "From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls" The above photographs are a spirit of his 1826 painting "From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls". The photographs showcase a dynamic range resembling the 1826 painting of Thomas Cole. Each ph [...]

May 16th 2012 Wednesday

Kaaterskill Falls (top)

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Jul 9th 2011 Saturday

Sphinx Rock

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Sphinx Rock stands guard over the upper clove above Molly Smith's parking area. (Catskill Mountain House Trail Guide) The parking area which is used for Kaaterskill Falls can be seen from Sphinx Rock along with Route 23A. While on our trip we heard a dog barking and cars whe [...]

Aug 24th 2010 Tuesday

Kaaterskill Falls

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Kaaterskill Falls in late August of 2010 has strong water flow because of the recent weather pattern of rain over the Catskills. On this particular day the entire area and trail to Kaaterskill Falls was wet. Kaaterskill Falls Information: Kaaterskill Falls is a two-drop wate [...]

Jul 27th 2010 Tuesday

Spruce Creek Dam (Kaaterskill Falls)

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The Laurel House (1852-1967) acquired the water rights to Spruce Creek and dammed it during tourist season, charging spectators below the falls a fee to watch as the waters were unleashed and the falls "turned on". (Link: Wikipedia- Kaaterskill Falls) Remnants of this dam ca [...]

Jul 27th 2010 Tuesday

Kaaterskill Falls (top)

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Newly posted photos from July 27, 2010. These photos were taken from the top of Kaaterskill Falls. These are just snapshots of two unknown people enjoying view from the top of Kaaterskill Falls. [...]

May 26th 2010 Wednesday

Kaaterskill Falls (top)

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A few photos from the top of Kaaterskill Falls. The first image was taken around sunset. [...]

Jul 31st 2009 Friday

Kaaterskill Falls

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