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The top of Mount Utsayantha is owned by the village of Stamford.

Stamford, New York is located along the eastern edge of Delaware County at the intersection of Routes 10 and 23. The 20-acre parcel of land at the top of Mt. Utsayantha was donated to the village of Stamford by the estate of Dr. Stephen E. Churchill in 1917 for use as a park. Dr. Stephen E. Churchill is a descendant of one of Stamford’s founding families.

May 11th 2014 Sunday

Moon over Mount Utsayantha

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An unexpected beautiful sight of the moon rising over Mount Utsayantha during daylight hours as I drive east through Stamford along Route 23. Below I posted a horizontal and vertical image. Below are two other photographs from the past that include celestial objects and Mo [...]

May 18th 2012 Friday

Mount Utsayantha: Queen of the Catskills and Venus

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Photograph Title: Morning Star sets over the Queen of the Catskills While taking photographs of Stamford from Mount Utsayantha on May 12 I noticed Venus shining bright high in the sky. I returned to Mount Utsayantha on May 18 to take a photograph of Venus as it set over the [...]

Nov 3rd 2011 Thursday

Mount Utsayantha

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A gallery of photographs from a visit to Mount Utsayantha. Classic views previously photographed along with a few different angles. It was clear on top of the mountain and the road was in good shape. No snow on the road. There was a slight bit of snow in some open areas on t [...]

Oct 9th 2010 Saturday

Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower View 360 (Fall Season)

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This 360 VR image was taken from the Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower located in Stamford, NY. The image was taken in October 2010 during the Fall season when the leaves change color. CatskillSearch took a similar VR image in July 2008. (Link: Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower View [...]

Oct 29th 2009 Thursday

Mount Utsayantha Restroom

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Many positive changes have been coming to Mount Utsayantha. It truly is becoming a gem of the Catskills in recent times. Most recently and most simply a restroom has been installed on the top of Mount Utsayantha. Click here to view this page for my favorite photographs fro [...]