North-South Lake Campground

North-South Lake is the biggest and most popular state campground in the Catskill Forest Preserve, offering extraordinary scenic beauty, and historical sites, such as: Alligator Rock, Kaaterskill Falls, and the former site of the Catskill Mountain House. An abrupt change in elevation occurs from about 540 feet above sea level at the base of the escarpment to approximately 2,250 feet at the site of the former Catskill Mountain House. The provinces around the lakes have long provided visitors with exceptional views of the surrounding countryside. It is said that on a clear day, five states can be viewed from the escarpment. (Source:

Inspiration Point, Hotel Kaaterskill, & Palenville Overlook

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Boulder Rock and Boot Jack Rock

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U&D Railroad: Kaaterskill Branch

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Hotel Kaaterskill

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Ashley Falls

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Newman’s Ledge

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Newman’s Ledge 360

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Hiking in the North-South Lake Campground

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Rowboat in North Lake

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Hiking in North-South Lake Campground

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