Plattekill Falls

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Plattekill Falls is a waterfall that exceeds 70 feet in height. Plattekill Falls is formed near the top of Platte Clove and Plattekill Falls is contained in a section of Platte Clove where steep walls loom to the south and sloping walls extend to the north. Just above the top Plattekill Falls are several small cascades that are not visible below. (Information from Catskill Region Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn in the section regarding Platte Clove and Plattekill Falls)

Oct 27th 2014 Monday

Plattekill Falls

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Plattekill Falls October 27, 2014- Photos taken on both sides of the falls.   Two news signs placed in 2014 pointing to Platte Clove/ Platt Clove. One is along Route 23A and the other is along Bloomer Road/ Platte Clove Road (County Route 16). The Catskill Park brow [...]