Oct 8th 2012 Monday


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A picture says a lot. Does it say a 1000 words? Suspicious fire, the Bridge to Prattsville over the Schohaire Creek, a possible construction cheat on a senior citizen, the reopening of a bigger and better store to serve the public. Prattsville grows and rebuilds. Each pictur [...]

Aug 29th 2012 Wednesday

Prattsville NY

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Progress continues in Prattsville. The Agway building has taken shape and looks great. Work is being done on the bridge that crosses the Schoharie Creek. One of the homes that sustained damage sits whole on its foundation. Another home has been raised up and is currently pla [...]

Nov 4th 2011 Friday

Pratt Rock

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A quick hike to the top of Pratt Rock from Route 23. I took a lot of photos along the trail to the top of Pratt Rock. One photo taken from this outing is similar to a photograph taken in July 2009. The two photographs from Pratt Rock taken from 2011 and 2009 are displayed be [...]

Nov 4th 2011 Friday

Prattsville NY

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On August, 28. 2011, Hurricane Irene caused record flooding in Prattsville NY by the Schoharie Creek, causing major damage and destroying large areas of Prattsville. The photos below were taken in early November 2011 of Prattsville NY. [...]

Oct 27th 2011 Thursday

Prattsville New York

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Prattsville NY: Photographs of Route 23 in Prattsville of the bridge that crosses Schoharie Creek. A pile of debris sits along Route 23 outside of Prattsville. Many of the houses along Route 23 in Prattsville are condemned and many have American flags hanging. O'Hara Repair [...]