Red Falls

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May 14th 2013Tuesday
  • Red Falls

Red Falls

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Red Falls used to be a highly trafficked swimming area for people. It was known as a swimming hole. In recent years with the enforcement of very restrictive parking and no trespassing signs Red Falls hosts far less people. It is located along Route 23 on the Batavia Kill nea […]

Apr 30th 2012Monday
  • Route 23: Red Falls

Route 23: Red Falls

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Re-Construction of Route 23 along Red Falls has been completed. Route 23 along Red Falls and Batiava Kill Creek was completely destroyed because of Irene.

Compare to photos:


Jun 15th 2009Monday
  • Red Falls

Red Falls

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Apr 26th 2008Saturday

Red Falls: “No Parking”

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A “No Parking” sign near Red Falls. Parking has become much more restricted at Red Falls as these signs literally ‘flood’ the surrounding area.

Past photos of Red Falls from 2005


Aug 15th 2007Wednesday
  • Red Falls: NO PARKING


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In 2007 a lot more “No Parking” signs popped up in the Red Falls area near Prattsville. This was a local swimming hole that brought people from all over. Currently because of the restrictions this area receives less visitation by the public.

Below are images from 200 […]

Aug 5th 2005Friday
  • Red Falls 2005

Red Falls

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2013 Update- Red Falls was a terrific roadside waterfall and waterhole for swimming. It now has a strict enforcement of ‘No Parking’ along the nearby roadway and ‘No Trespassing’ of the area. At this point in time- it is no longer a “waterhole open to the public for swimming […]