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New York State Route 23 runs from Central New York through the Catskills to the Massachusetts state line in the Berkshires. It crosses the Hudson River via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.

Along the way it passes through some very scenic areas of the state.

This album shows photos from Route 23 and Route 23a.

May 13th 2014 Tuesday

Kaaterskill Falls/ Art Flick Memorial at Night

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The photograph below is an image I took from the top of Kaaterskill Falls: The Art Flick Memorial found along Route 23A photographed during a near full Moon just after 11PM on May 13th, 2014. I was traveling back from Kaaterskill Falls by car on this cloudless night sky [...]

May 4th 2014 Sunday

September 11- Tribute along Route 23A

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A silhouette of FDNY fire fighters raise the flag in the blowing wind on this day. This nice simple tribute can be found on the west side of Hunter along Route 23A. […]

Jun 14th 2013 Friday

Honor along Route 23 in Haines Falls

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Local man killed in Afghanistan honored with motorcade Link: By Jim Planck Hudson-Catskill Newspapers Link: [...]

Oct 11th 2012 Thursday

Art Flick

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Photos of the Art Flick Memorial found along Route 23A and the Schoharie Creek. The Art Flick Memorial reads as follows: ART FLICK Aug. 3, 1904 – Aug. 30, 1985 DEDICATED CONSERVATIONIST AND SPORTSMAN Art loved the Schohaire. Here he helped establish the first “Fish-For-Fun” [...]

Sep 14th 2012 Friday

Rip Lives

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Rip Lives Below is gallery of many of the Rips found within the Tannersville area. For more information about the Rips, view the link below. I quickly photographed as many of the Rips that I could see as drove through Tannersville. Link: Rip Lives Website From the Rip Lives [...]

Sep 6th 2012 Thursday

Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

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Saint John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church located along Route 23A on Ukraine Road in the town of Jewett Center. [...]

Jun 1st 2012 Friday

Grand Gorge: East and West Side

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Update: View this page for updated information Sundaes which caught on fire and burned to the ground in 2013. It has since been rebuilt Currently two eateries are for-sale along Route 23 in Grand Gorge. The 'Hitching Post Inn' located on the east side and 'Sundaes Restaurant [...]

May 20th 2012 Sunday

Roadways, Bridges, Homes

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Roadways, Bridges, Homes- Destruction from the Hurricane. Click on the first image below. Each image has a short description and are ordered to form a short narrative. [...]

Apr 30th 2012 Monday

Route 23: Red Falls

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Re-Construction of Route 23 along Red Falls has been completed. Route 23 along Red Falls and Batiava Kill Creek was completely destroyed because of Irene. Compare to photos: [...]

Nov 4th 2011 Friday

Pratt Rock

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A quick hike to the top of Pratt Rock from Route 23. I took a lot of photos along the trail to the top of Pratt Rock. One photo taken from this outing is similar to a photograph taken in July 2009. The two photographs from Pratt Rock taken from 2011 and 2009 are displayed be [...]

Nov 4th 2011 Friday

Prattsville NY

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On August, 28. 2011, Hurricane Irene caused record flooding in Prattsville NY by the Schoharie Creek, causing major damage and destroying large areas of Prattsville. The photos below were taken in early November 2011 of Prattsville NY. [...]

Oct 27th 2011 Thursday

Delaware County Snow Fall

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On October 25, 2011 Delaware County of New York State received about 6 inches of snow. Photo below was taken along Route 23. [...]

Oct 27th 2011 Thursday

Prattsville New York

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Prattsville NY: Photographs of Route 23 in Prattsville of the bridge that crosses Schoharie Creek. A pile of debris sits along Route 23 outside of Prattsville. Many of the houses along Route 23 in Prattsville are condemned and many have American flags hanging. O'Hara Repair [...]

Oct 27th 2011 Thursday

Route 23: Road Closed (Hurricane Irene)

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Construction continues on the large washout of Route 23 near Prattsville. This damage was caused by Hurricane Irene which caused the Batavia Kill and the nearby Schoharie Creek to flood. The photos below show the ongoing work even in a nor'easter that brought as much as 6 in [...]

Nov 10th 2010 Wednesday

Delaware Inn

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Photo of the ongoing remodeling of the Delaware Inn (originally known as the Delaware House and the Ye Olde Delaware Inn). The Delaware Inn is located in Stamford NY on the northside of Main Street (Route 23). The Delaware Inn was built in 1804 and one of the most notable gu [...]