A comparison GPS map of the Catskill & Tannersville Railway and Ulster & Delaware Railroad. This Google enabled map helps show how close these tracks ran to each other.

The Catskill & Tannersville Railway is the upper line of the two that is displayed in the map. The C&T track shown is the entire length of their railway. It ran from the Otis Summit station to Tannersvile (5.2 miles).

The Ulster and Delaware Railroad is the bottom line of the two. The eastern terminus was their Kaaterskill station. The U&D track that is not shown continues into Kaaterskill Junction.

Google Map
Use the map below as you would use a google map. You can zoom in and out along with scrolling the map by using the mouse.

[sgpx gpx=”http://www.catskillsearch.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/ct-ud-comparsion.gpx”] ct-ud-comparsion

Image File

Catskill & Tannersville Railway is the blue line
Ulster & Delaware Railroad is the red line

C&T and U&D Comparsion